Boat Tours & Charters

The Live Oac boating experience is crafted to be the best in the Lowcountry.

Our focus is on boat-based excursions, and our USCG licensed captains think you'll find our vessels, to be the most comfortable and best equipped cruising boats in the Hilton Head Island area. For your comfort, and the most personalized guided experience, we always limit each boat to 6 passengers (although they're built for 10). Call us if you have a group of 7 or more.

Most Live Oac adventures are PRIVATE, fully customized experiences, although we do offer select SHARED trips on a per-person basis.

Our clients choose us because we offer the BEST...

Boats and equipment are of the highest quality and condition.
Education and Entertainment are our focus on each and every trip.
Service is our strength. We aim to please.
Top-of-the-Line experienced professional guides only.

We think you'll choose Live Oac for the same reasons!
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Dolphin Nature Cruise (1 & 2 Hours - Private or Shared)
Our most popular excursion, the Dolphin Nature Cruise is a great way to see our local waterways and creatures such as Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin, birdlife, and more. This dolphin eco tour is led by an educated interpretive naturalist and US Coast Guard licensed captain, you will have the most comfortable view of the lowcountry wildlife and nature aboard the island's most comfortable cruising vessels. We offer these Dolphin Nature Cruises in both Private or Shared formats.
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Pinckney Island NWR Circumnavigation (2+ Hours - Private)
A more extended journey, this nature exploration gives us time to round the entire Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. This expedition covers a lot of water, with much variety from the Hilton Head Island side (Skull Creek), to Port Royal Sound and the infamous Dolphin Head area, well-known for the abundance of its namesake, and the backcountry remoteness of the Mackay Creek side of Pinckney.

The protected waters of Mackay Creek offer an outstanding opportunity for Water Ski, Wakeboard, and Tubing fun! Why not combine both the circumnavigation with some watersports for an action packed Lowcountry adventure? Check out our other programs to determine what might be a good combination of activities for your group.
Remote Beach Adventure (2.5+ Hours - Private)
We'll journey to a deserted stretch of beach, remote sandbar or shell bank for some R&R away from the island crowds. Spend time beachcombing, learning about wildlife, or just kicking back in the sun. There's a great opportunity for dolphin watching while enjoying the trip there and back. Isn't the journey what it's all about, anyway?
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Shark Fishing Adventure (3+ Hours - Private)
Join us for a fishing experience you'll not soon forget!

Our Shark Fishing Charters are geared towards FUN and COMFORT. They're an ideal excursion for a family or small group looking for a fun fishing adventure.

Watersports Adventures (1-5 Hours - Private)

Watersports such as Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, and Tubing are a blast with Live Oac!

Custom programs are our specialty. Watersports can be the whole focus of your excursion or just part of a customized adventure with Live Oac.

Some possibilities:

• 2-3 Hour DolphinTubing™ Combo
• 2-4 Hour Ski / Board / Tube combo
• 3 Hour Dolphin Watch and Tube Riding
• 3 Hour Pinckney Circumnavigation with Watersports• 3-4 Hour Dolphin / Tubing / Beachcombing
• 4-5 Hour Tubing & Fishing
...the combinations are virtually endless!
even shorter programs, such as 1 Hour Tubing Fun Trips are available!

Find out more about our Watersports Adventures and why Live Oac is the preferred leader of waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing in the Lowcountry.
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Custom Lowcountry Adventure (4+ Hours, Private)
Find out what we do on our days off! Spend 4 or more hours exploring the best of the Lowcountry with Live Oac. This custom boat-based excursion includes options for dolphin watching, fishing, watersports (ski, board, tube), and more. We might even explore some "secret spots," sandbars, or shell banks along the way. Land-based exploration can include a walking tour of historic Bluffton, a visit to the village of Palmetto Bluff, or possibly a journey to Daufuskie Island! These trips are customized and planned to the finest detail, so please call for reservations.
Non-Private Tours ("Shared")
Most Live Oac adventures are private, fully-customized experiences. Because different groups can have such distinct expectations, offering exclusive private trips allows us to meet and exceed your expectations without exception, and without interference from another group that might not be a good match. If you'd prefer a non-private trip, we do offer Shared Dolphin Tour / Nature Cruises throughout the week that you can signup for on an individual basis (per person). Before doing so, please consider the added value of a private, customized trip and the ideal experience you have in mind. It is our goal to leave our clients with the feeling they've just had an amazing Lowcountry experience.
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