Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge

Live Oac is ideally located on the Hilton Head side of Skull Creek, and just across this creek is Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. While the Refuge takes it's name from its largest island, Pinckney, there are several other islands, creeks, and saltmarsh estuary that make up this federally protected area.

Live Oac uniquely focuses on this Lowcountry treasure, which provides the perfect setting for our activities. The local dolphin population and activities observed are second to none. Pristine calm water ski, wake board, and tubing areas are just minutes away (15 minutes or less!). These waters offer year-round fishing opportunities, and an abundance of other wildlife to be observed.
Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge includes more than 4,000 acres of salt marsh estuary and small islands. Join Live Oac on an exploration deep into the refuge and surrounding waters to remote areas most people won't have the opportunity to see. We spend most of our time here, as well as the nearby "Dolphin Head" region of Port Royal Sound, home to many local Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins. When the dolphins aren't exploring the refuge creeks with us, we can usually find them playing here!