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Wakeboard with Live Oac on the quiet waters around Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Spend time focused strictly on wakeboarding, or combine with other activities to create a custom adventure.

No experience is necessary. Live Oac's wakeboard instructors (USCG licensed captains) will guide you through the learning experience with a patient and helpful attitude. Whether you're looking for a beginner's wake board lesson or you're an experienced 'boarder looking to have a good session behind a strong boat, we're ready for some fun.

Our access to multiple locations suitable for wake boarding means we can offer programs regardless of time of day, tide, and even in various wind directions. It is important to note the close proximity we have to ski areas. That means you'll spend more time riding the board and less time getting there and back. You'll have about as much boarding time on our 2 hour wakeboarding trip as with "comparable" 3 hour trips departing elsewhere. Or, we can go for 3 hours with enough board time to guarantee a great night's sleep!
Private, for up to 6 people* on board (riders and watchers). Includes boat, captain/instructor, fuel, and all equipment.

Duration • Price • Recommended # Boarders
1 Hr • $169 • 1 boarder, maybe 2 if experienced
1.5 Hr • $229 • Up to 2 boarders
2 Hr • $279 • Up to 3-4 boarders
3 Hr • $389 • Up to 5-6 boarders
4 Hr • $499 • Up to 6 boarders

*Call for groups of 7+.
*A Note On Timing and Capacity:

Watersports outings can accommodate up to 6 passengers per boat, but depending on duration, not all passengers will be able to participate on the water.

Our usual watersports area is just under 15 minutes from the dock, so a 1 Hour trip offers about 30 minutes in the watersports area, which is about enough time for one first-timer to learn to board, or maybe a couple experienced boarders to get a run in. We can still take 6 people on board, but we won't be able to have 6 people wakeboarding, obviously. A 2 Hour trip adds 60 minutes in the watersports area, for a total 90 minutes, and essentially TRIPLES your activity time. Please consider the added value of a 2 hour trip if you have 2-4 boarders/skiers.

Also, we often find that people want to try other activities, such as Tubing. A longer trip gives you more opportunity. Our 3 hour trip is the most popular, with up to 2.5 hours actually in the watersports area. Some folks want to take a few minutes out to see dolphin along the way. The time is yours to use how you see fit, and there are no additional charges for combining activities such as Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding, Tubing, or Dolphin Watching.