Dolphin Nature Tour - 2 Hr

This 2 Hour Dolphin Nature Tour is our most popular outing on a year-round basis. We don't think you'll find a better 2 Hour Dolphin Tour on a comparable vessel.

Why? Among the answers is that we have something that others just can't compete with: The Perfect Location. Due to our prime location on Hilton Head Island's Skull Creek, we have a level of dolphin activity and year round local dolphin population that is unparalleled. For this reason, we are able to offer a Dolphin Guarantee on all boat-based Dolphin Nature Tours!

The 2 Hour Dolphin Tour / Nature Cruise is a great way to see our local waterways and other creatures such as egrets, herons, osprey, and more. This eco tour is led by an educated interpretive naturalist and US Coast Guard licensed captain.
We offer our Dolphin Tour Nature Cruise in both 1 hour and 2 hour lengths.

The 2 hour Dolphin Tour is the most popular, because we are able to circumnavigate the largest island in the Wildlife Refuge, minimizing backtracking. Therefore we tend to see 3-4 times more area on the 2 hour trip than we do on the 1 hour.
Available as both a Shared Trip (Per Person) or as a Private Trip (Per Boat).
Shared Trips are booked on an individual (per person) basis. We still keep each boat to 6 passengers or less in order to create a comfortable highly personalized guided experience.

2 hour Dolphin Tour - $59 per adult ($39 age 15 & under) Infants Free!
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Daily Schedule:
(Warmer Weather)
8 AM • 10:30 AM • 1 PM • 6:30 PM

(Cooler Weather)
10:30 AM • 1 PM • 3:30 PM


Dolphin Guarantee:

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We offer a "Dolphin Guarantee" on our 1 hour and 2 hour boat-based Dolphin Nature Tours. Thanks to our location and the excellent dolphin population around Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge, we expect to see dolphin on all Dolphin Nature Tours. If we don't see dolphin, you will receive (at YOUR option) either a full refund, a free 2nd trip, or a time extension (if the schedule allows). This rarely ever happens but a handful of times a year. For our kayak tours, we see dolphin quite often, but just can't guarantee it like we do on or boat-based trips.